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In it with our hearts and know how

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Heart ...

Ascheberg is situated right in the middle of the charming so called „Holsteinische Schweiz“ in Northern Germany – that’s where you find our company and where we have been producing plywood products for 150 years. We started out with bending damped beech and ash wood to produce cartwheels and carriages. Today we are renowned specialists in shaped plywood production – but we haven’t lost that initial passion for the natural beauty of wood.

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... and know how

Our know how is our team of qualified specialists – their sure instinct in producing and handling veneers is our asset. Their detailed knowledge about the characteristics of veneers during moulding makes it possible to fulfil a wide range of customer requirements. We have built our reputation on the excellent quality of our crafted products – naturally, we also use state of the art computer-based processing technologies.